Monday, May 11, 2009

Our new look

We've published a full week of a.m., redesigned newspapers, and I've been so happy with the wonderful comments we've received from our readers.
We're creatures of habit and don't always like change, so I was worried that readers wouldn't like the new look. The last drastic redesign of the newspaper was met with criticism, but not this one!
Not only have people called and e-mailed our publisher, Morgan Dickerman, but they've stopped other employees to voice their opinion. People have stopped me at church and on shopping errands to say they like the newspaper's new look or that they really enjoy reading the paper in the morning.
Subscribers have embraced the new look, and non-subscribers have joined up and are now having the newspaper delivered to their home each morning. We are thrilled!
And our advertisers have been so good to us. Don't you love the coupons?
As for me, personally, I'm getting used to coming to work to a quiet newsroom in the morning. It gives me time to update my blog more often and to write more stories. I'm not here when the deadline approaches late in the evening, and it seems nice to be away from that stress.
I'd love to hear what you're enjoying about the new design, so post your opinion!

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