Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'd love a lazy day

I've been thinking a lot about Mother's Day this week and what I'd like to do if given the chance to do nothing for a day — any day, not just this Sunday.
I'd start out by sleeping late — getting up when I was good and ready. Breakfast would be cinnamon toast made from my homemade bread, and it would be served on the carport, where I'd enjoy my blooming topiary rose bush. After I finished eating, the cat would jump on my lap and nap, and I would not sneeze and wheeze and have to blow my nose because of his flying yellow fur.
After a quick shower, I'd plant myself either on my bed or back under the carport and read some of the many, many unopened food magazines that have accumulated on my cedar chest in recent months. When the reading starts to make me sleepy, I'd take a nap in the hammock I do not have. It would be a long nap, and I would not have to set an alarm to wake me up to be somewhere on time.
Lunch doesn't have to be fancy. Pimiento cheese on toast with a side of strawberries or cantaloupe would be fine.
In the afternoon, I'd like to have a manicure and pedicure, and I do not want to wait in line. Afterwards, I'd browse in the bookstore with anyone in my family who'd like to join me and have a chai latte.
As dinnertime approaches, I'd start looking forward to the chickens my husband is barbecuing on the brand new gas grill we do not have. My mouth would water as I imagine my plate filled with a leg quarter drenched in our favorite sauce, fresh corn on the cob and potato salad that I didn't have to make. For dessert, my son would make a batch of chocolate caramel sauce for my vanilla ice cream, and he'd deliver it to me with a cherry on top. I'd eat this meal with my granddaughter, Sora, sitting on my lap, reaching for each bite of my food and trying desperately to grab my tea glass before it reaches my mouth.
Someone else would clean up the dishes so "the girls" (me, Anna, Sora and her mom, Alicia) can stroll down the street to sit with Mama on her front porch. We'd all marvel at Mama's smile when the baby is placed in her lap.
Afterwards, Anna and I would go to Target or Marshall's or Ross or Belk and browse the aisles with no agenda, no shopping list, just plenty of time.
Before we leave for this shopping trip, we would stop at Mama's and sit with her on the porch.
When we get home, Reggie and I would go for a walk, come back home and watch someone else choose a new home on "House Hunters."
Notice this scenario makes no mention of cell phones, work, grocery shopping, laundry, paying bills or making decisions.

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