Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New place to shop

I spent part of my lunch hour today at the new Harris-Teeter. I needed some thin-sliced New York strip steaks to make sandwiches for supper tonight and liked having an excuse to check out the new store.
It's beautiful. Clean. Modern. Has lots of new stuff. And it was packed with shoppers pushing brand new carts, tasting samples and marveling at the fresh produce, sushi bar, breads and cheeses.
I didn't especially want to see the grocery store move locations. The old site is very close to my house. It took about 4 minutes more to reach the new grocery store, but I did get stopped at both stoplights I must now go through. I was spoiled, I know, to have a grocery store so close by on those occasions when I was in the middle of cooking dinner only to realize I was out of any of the following: eggs, chicken broth, self-rising flour, garlic, you name it.
I have fond memories of shopping at the old Harris-Teeter. The first time I left my newborn son with my mother was to make a shopping trip to Harris-Teeter. I often bought my children's birthday cakes in the store's bakery. I also loved chatting with friends as we strolled the aisles and touching base with employees I've gotten to know.
I'm not dwelling on memories but looking forward to going to this new store and trying new things.
I know my friends will be shopping there; I saw a number of them today. And I'll enjoy checking out the new services, including a fresh fruit and melon section. And the salad bar was quite enticing. Too bad I had already eaten leftovers before I made my trip today, but I'll be back.
It will be interesting to see if Wilson shoppers can support this new Harris-Teeter as well as Farm Fresh, which opens next week. I've never been in a Farm Fresh, but I'll certainly check it out.