Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Easter eggs

Anna and I love decorating Easter eggs. She's the creative, artistic one in the family, and it shows in the eggs she decorated for me Sunday afternoon.
We pulled out all kinds of arts and crafts supplies before we got started and spread it all out on our kitchen table. You can see by the photograph that we made a mess, but we had fun! My mother was visiting with us Sunday, and she sat at the table, eating jelly beans and watching what we were doing.
I always enjoyed decorating eggs with my children. They loved splashing their eggs in the dyes and coming up with pretty or unique ways to decorate their eggs. When we were finished, they'd always mix the dyed water together to make a big bowl of ugly black water. But the eggs they created were beautiful, and I loved arranging them in a basket or crystal plate with Easter grass and bunnies added to the mix.
On my Life page Wednesday, I have lots of tips for decorating Easter eggs. Anna and I made some pretty ones, including some that are sponge painted, some that are tie dyed and others that are adorned with ribbon. Anna's egg lady even has bangs and freckles! There will be a link from that story to a step-by-step guide (with photos) of how to make beautiful tie dyed eggs.
Make sure to log on www.wilsontimes.com Wednesday.

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