Friday, January 25, 2008

How would you spend the money?

We've been talking a lot at my house about the economic stimulus package. Reggie and I have already spent the sum we would receive many times over! We've talked about paying off some credit card bills and making a contribution to our car insurance fund. I'm also thinking summer vacation!
I was explaining it to my daughter, Anna, last night — telling her how we'd get $300 for each child. MISTAKE. Now she wants her share of the money and has been lobbying for a cut. This all got me thinking about this whole economic stimulus package. Critics say not everyone will spend the money; instead, many will save it. I know how we can get at least part of it spent. Instead of sending the $300 per child allowance to the parents, send it to the child. Judging by my own children (and others I know) their fair share will be spent within minutes of it hitting their hot little hands. Video game vendors, electronics stores, high-end clothing stores and toy companies would all get a pretty good economic boost, I feel sure.
I'm curious how Wilson folks would spend their check, both adults and children! Send me a comment.

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  1. Well really I'd like to spend it on a LONG vacation, while practically I know we should save most of it... but since we just bought a house in June that needs several upgrades, we'll probably be using part of it for insulation!