Friday, January 18, 2008

Hospital food

There’s one good thing about hanging out at Wilson Medical Center: the cafeteria. My parents haven’t been in the hospital often, but when they are there, I look forward to dropping in downstairs for delicious and cheap meals!
Breakfast is probably my favorite. I especially love the grits. This week, while staying with my hospitalized father, I’ve dined on grits, scrambled eggs, made-to-order Texas toast with jelly and turkey sausage patties. I was thrilled to see turkey sausage as an offering. I’m big fan of turkey sausage, and this was tender and delicious.
The lunchtime salad bar is another favorite. I love the fresh fruit, especially. On Tuesday, I had a tossed salad with a small ribeye steak and a baked potato. It really gave me the energy I needed for yet another emotionally draining day on the second floor.
One night I had a ham and cheese sandwich from the grill. Comfort food at its best.
Before we left for home Thursday, I picked up a quick lunch which included rutabagas. I love rutabagas but only eat them every other year, if that! Mama used to make them and served them with fresh ham, picked beets and cornbread. I loved that meal! My family would think I had lost my mind if I suggested they eat rutabagas. Mama always mashed hers; the hospitals were diced and were very good. I cleaned my plate!
Kudos to the hospital cafeteria for providing such an outstanding service to not only its employees but also to the families and friends who are visiting at the hospital. Being about to get a hearty, inexpensive meal was one less thing to worry about this week.

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  1. Nice post on the the hospital food Lisa! I used to work at Wilmed and I always looked forward to lunch too! My husband used to work at BB&T and he would walk to the cafeteria for a bargain salad almost every day! He still misses those salads from the cafeteria!