Thursday, February 7, 2008

Valentine's stuff galore

Have you noticed the profusion of Valentine's gifts around town? Everywhere I go, I see red and pink balloons, boxes of chocolates, bags of gummy candy hearts, cards and stuffed animals, all ready to say "I love you" to someone's sweetheart.
Each year, I make a point to buy heart-shaped biscuits from Bojangle's. They usually start selling them a few days before Valentine's.
Papa John's is selling a heart-shaped pizza in honor of the big day. I saw an advertisement for the pizzas when I picked up our dinner last Sunday night. The pizza was very pretty decorated with red pepperoni.
And last night, at Walmart, I was amazed at all of the Valentine cookies and treats at the bakery. The most unusual ones, I thought, were heart-shaped, cherry-flavored doughnuts with a pink tint.
I also saw heart-shaped springform pans at Target this week. The pans were for single-serving size cakes. They also had silicone, heart-shaped cupcake liners.
So much stuff! Wonder how much of it will be left on the shelves come Feb. 15?


  1. We were on the same wavelength this week Lisa! I made some red velvet cupcakes too! Unfortunately being gluten free I'm stuck doing every recipe the hard way from scratch all the time!! Mine turned out well, although I think I used too much baking soda, as I could taste it in the little cupcakes when they were cooled. The bad part is that for most gluten free cooking you have to use slightly more leavening than called for in regular recipes, so I wonder how I can disguise that taste. Any ideas??

  2. I've never done any glutten free baking, Carrie. I have seen some mixes, however, in the baking aisle lately for gluten-free products. I'd be lost if I had to learn to cook differently than I do now!